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Last updated Donderdag 8 Juni 2006; 22:00

What happened to.......?
Jack Pisters,, Erik Fox,, Maarten Huiskamp,, Jax Kraal,, Richard Muermans,, Frankie Woodhouse,, Giovanni Pileri,, Jos Zoomer,, Peter Strikes,, Marij Driessen,, Jan van Dinteren,, Rutger Heunks,, Noud Smeets,,

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Jack Pisters;
moved on and worked with Anouk, The Project, The wishing well, Keith Caputo,and recorded the cd Nutrition with Soylent Green. Currently he is in the band S.C.A.R.S-C-A-R web pagina
Residence: Amsterdam.

The Awakening - Release Party 1 december 2005

Eric Fox;
moved on and amongst others joined Basic Blue,
Blo Ya TopBlo Ya Top
,Thank You Mr.Moto, Blind Spot, Soylent Green, and currenly is in the band
Sneaky Peas.Sneaky Peas
Residence: Sittard.

Maarten Huiskamp;
moved on and amongst others joined Vertigo, Brasse,
Blo Ya TopBlo Ya Top
, and Volle Gaas. Residence:...

Jax (Jacques) Kraal;
moved on and amongst others joined Big Trouble and
Angels Decay
Angels Decay
Residence: Beek.
Currently in
The Rikky Rocker Experience
The Rikky Rokker Experience

Jax uses Super Beaters, the best beater ever!!
provided by: Zweer Music Import

Richard "BG" Muermans;
not much known yet, moved on and joined a couple of other band which however did not bring fame and fortune.
So for some years he did not do much in/with music.
Recently he started writing new songs with a bass player. Residence: Amsterdam.

Jan van Dinteren;
Before Avalon Jan was involved in the bands Black Rose and Liquid Love.
After his time with Avalon Jan, Maarten and Jax formed the band Zodiac, which unfortunateley did not live long since Jax returned to Avalon to replace Frankie Woodhouse again.
After that Jan was some time in the band Baton Rouge and, together with Jax, formed the band Big Trouble (as a gitar player this time).
In between Jan also got involved in the country-world as bass-player for the Blue Grass Help Band.
Nowaday's: of course involved with Avalon again !
and with Big Trouble (with Jax) plus also Black Rose is rehearsing again on a regular base (if once in every 4 months is to be considered as regular :-)).
Currrently active in Rikkie the Rocker Experience
The Rikky Rocker Experience
The Rikky Rokker Experience

Giovani Pileri:
Previous to AVALON Giovani was member of the band Horizon
LINE UP Shmoulik Avigal (vocals, ex-Hammerhead, ex-Mover, later joined Picture and The Rods), Jack Nobolen (guitar), Marc Vanruesel (bass), Arthur Vanloon (drums).
He joined Horizon after they released their album "Master of the Game" on the CBS label in 1985.
Further carreer not much known yet, moved on and amongst others joined The band of Valentine in 1996. Valentine He did also work toghether with some top-100 bands. Currently Giovanni writes songs/music wich is being published and released by third party's. Another link of intrest related to Giovanni: Giovanni - Egyptian Art Residence: Eindhoven.

Jos Zoomer ;
joined Perfect Strangers, later on joined Jack Pisters and Eric Fox in the Soylent Green band, SHVR,
and BISS

Frankie Woodhouse ;
Previous to AVALON Frankie was member of the band Lady (released 1 mini-lp, "Ladykiller" in 1982, LINE UP Kees Regerman (vocals), Rene Enthoven (guitar), Paul Regerman (bass), Michael Nap (keyboards), Frank Woodhouse (drums))
and the band Sword, later known as Jewel who release the single "I've Been Trying/Excalibur" in 1984.
Before joining AVALON Frankie did release a lp entitled "something in the air".

After Frankie left AVALON, he did re-join the band Jewel (from 1988 to 1991), who shortly before released the mini-lp / 12" "La Morta".
Jewel members at that time: Rick Ambrose vocals, Henky Backer guitar, Wim Smits (previous) Arwin Vergers bass, Frankie Woodhouse (previous Henkie "Rammstein" Mulder) drums.
, "Something in the Air"
Further releases by Jewel: "NOU AL MOE -THE MONSTER MUPPETSHOW LIVE IN L.E ! / 1989 CTR" (Live at Loose End, Reewijk, Holland 1989) and next drummer Henkie Mulder re-joined Jewel. (further releases by Jewel: "REVOLUTION IN HEAVEN / 1991 CTR".)
From 1996 to 2000 Frankie was part of the Dutch Van Hale Tribute; Hot For Teacher band

Currently (since 2001) Frankie is involved in "the Red Hot Chillirippers" Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover band.
and in the Journey cover band Another Journey (since 2003).
Plus of course his own homestudio and working on new songs.

Here some links:
kuradashi1.html, kuradashi42.html, FRANKIEWOODHOUSE.htm,, Wilfred/english.htm.

Marij Driessen;
joined Shylock in 1993 with former Gin on the Rocks members Leon Thaihuttu and John Snels

Peter Strykes;
moved on and amongst others joined 1st Avenu, Valentine and SIXX.SIXX

recentelijk zingt Peter bij L.A The Voices.

Rutger Heunks;
not much known yet.

Noud Smeets;
See the Morgan La Fay / Masquerade page Morgan La Fay.

--> Please contact me with additional information and/or corrections!